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Manjushri Yamantaka and Vajrakīla in English
Dear friends, I am currently in retreat. Our session will resume after January 17, 2023. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dear friends! For many years, Lama Garchen Rinpoche worked tirelessly to ensure that the Yamantaka and Vajrakīla transmissions take deep roots outside Tibet. Through his blessing and the diligence of devoted disciples, we now have a verse translation of these precious texts into English, where the melodies of the practice can be directly connected to the meaning.

Lama Garchen Rinpoche always points out that the only way to preserve lineage is regular group practice. Since the pandemic began, he has expressed that now it could be done online. For the past two years I myself received four messages from Rinpoche with this request.

More recently, I have received several requests from vajra siblings. I am grateful for these requests, as it was the inspiration to finally start doing regular group practice in English online. Since the decline of this world increased drastically, I see this opportunity as very precious.

Yours in Dharma,
Prerequisites and details
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Hosted by Milarepa Retreat Center, Germany

Prerequisites — you have received Vajrakīla empowerment.

Following to Lama Garchen Rinpoche's instructions we're doing Daily Practice with Kīla Consecration and some other parts from the Secret Accomplishment Sadhana translated by Ari Ma. Texts and a short manual on rituals can be downloaded here.
Manjushri Yamantaka
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Prerequisites — you have received Manjushri Yamantaka empowerment and participated in a Yamantaka drubchen, offline or online.

Following Lama Garchen Rinpoche's instructions we do a concise essential practice using a text translated by Ari Ma with permission to view it on the screen only, without distribution. Due to that reason, try to use larger screen.
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